What is a gentleman photographer? Let’s have some definitions.

Gentleman: a man of independent means who does not engage in any occupation or profession for gain

Gentleman farmer: a man who farms mainly for pleasure rather than for profit

Gent is also an adjective, meaning pretty or graceful, in other words gentle (Yin)

Thus, a “gentleman photographer” can be said to be somebody who takes pictures (not necessarily pretty) for the heaven of it — for his own mental, visual and visceral pleasure.

Ladislaus Horatius (composer, philosopher)


Sign art(istry)

We are living in a “branded” world. Signs and (non-religious) icons surround us on all sides. One can criticize their commercial aspect, the part they play in the world of St. Mercantilius. Or forget all the criticism and just enjoy the typefaces (an often neglected source of joy and “joyones” in the world)!

I personally have no relation to either Budweiser or Cutty Sark. (His Master’s voice is another thing entirely.)

Is the wall I photographed art, artistry, or something else?